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Re: Hand held "gaming system" for kids

Originally Posted by HeatherlovesCDs View Post
Thanks for pointing this out! My son is 6 also and still a budding/struggling reader. So, this makes a difference for him. Maybe we will get them all the Leapsters (the cheapest of the games I've seen) and then see how it goes for the year. Maybe he can get the DS for next Christimas after mastering this one. I spoke with my husband last night and he is on-board for the idea of getting something.
Both of my boys have played nintendo systems long before learning to read without difficulty. Kearnan is ASD and I wound up buying him a cheap gameboy advance to potty train him when he was 5 (it was the only way to get him to relax on the toilet so he could go). He played that for about a year before he received my nephew's DS as a gift. Because he was ASD at 6 he could not read at all but it did not stop him from operating either the gameboy games or the DS games. He always recognized the games by the pictures on the front and the DS talks enough that he could tell what they wanted him to do. If anything I think it improved his reading. Tharen was given a slightly nicer version of the gameboy advance by a friend of mine when he was 3 and then last year for his birthday (he was 6) he received a DS. He wasn't reading that much at the time though he reads fairly well now. The DS's are not everyday toys here either. The boys can play them when we are waiting for appts (which we seem to spend a good bit of time doing) and on the weekends at my mom's house. Occasionally at the end of the day they may play with them when all of their school work and chores are done but usually they are too busy with other things or would rather ask to play some other game system as we have a PS2, PS3 and Wii as well, none of which gets that much play (ok dh and I give the PS3 a workout). They also have tablets that they use for educational apps and occasionally use when dh is teaching a 2nd or 3rd class at the TKD studio because I think 3 hours of TKD in one night is too much to expect of a 10 and 6 year old.
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