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Re: tummy sleeping

Ive heard so many different "opinions" on the best/most preferred sleeping method.

DS1 (who is 8) slept on his tummy from day 1. My Ped at the time said it was the best way to prevent SIDS.

DS2 (who is 4) slept on his side and/or tummy. That Ped said that side sleeping was the best way to prevent SIDS.

And now...with DD (just over 2 months) she sleeps all different ways. She sleeps on her side if shes nursing in bed with me (we do co-sleep), she sleeps on her tummy if she is in her crib or on the couch when she naps, and sometimes she sleeps on her back when we're in bed and shes not nursing. Apparently now its the back that is best for preventing SIDS.

Its so frustrating always hearing something new. I just did what worked for me and my LO at the time.
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