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Re: What will you diaper your newborn in?

For the meconium you can cut fleece liners and throw away until the meconium is gone.
For DD I started CD at 2 weeks, she was about 10 lbs at that point and had lost her cord. I used OS flip covers with prefolds, RAR's and BG AIO's in small.
This time around I am planning to CD from birth and I do not think the RAR OS will fit below the cord so I bought 12 Lil'Joeys, 12 Tinkle Trap Fitteds, and 6 Grovia Newborns. I bought all of these FSOT in EUC. You will need at least 25-30 diapers if you don't plan on washing everyday. If you washed every night you could get away with about 15.
If you are looking for an inexpensive NB option I would consider prefolds, Tinkle Traps fitteds or Orange Edge Workhorse fitteds ($5 new) with covers.
Personally I think I spent more on NB diapers than I could have for disposables until baby fit OS even buying off of the FSOT. But I bought the diapers that I wanted this time versus on a budget.
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