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Re: July TTC #1 -No Children Mentioned-

OMG Jess, I had no idea that your cancer risk increases! Before I started BC and TTC, I was lucky if I got 2 periods a year! I also am IN LOVE with that Winnie the Pooh fitted! As for my SO, he's just like that. He's too much of a manly man to think that the part that makes him most manly doesn't work too well. I love him though.

AFM, we couldn't find soy ANYWHERE. We went to all the pharmacies and walmart. I was gonna take it the days I've been normally taking Clomid and it was the day before and I didn't have any time to order it online so right now I am technically taking an involuntary break. The crappy part is is that I probably won't ovulate, so I won't get my period, which means the cycle won't really ever end, so I have to pick up my "period starting" prescription the end of this month so I can start the soy then.
On a happier note, I think an engagement ring is in my future. Maybe not near and definitely not super near, since I know these things take time, but I'm pretty sure it'll be around our anniversary in October. We've been talking about it a lot lately and I even had a dream I was engaged last night! It was an amazing feeling. I think the worst part though is that he'll have to spend even more money to get me a ring in platinum since I am terribly allergic to nickel and who wants to spend that kind of money to never be able to wear it after a while?
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