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Re: Would it make a difference to you? (picking a pediatrician)

Originally Posted by kaia.aline View Post
She did take 20min to meet with me and answered all questions I had... That said DH and I had a long talk last night and decided that the pros couldn't be ignored esp with the possibility of health problems. That said we aren't married to her and if I get a bad feeling about her I will find a new ped after terra Lynn is here.

Thanks for all your input!

Good luck with your decision. As you said, you aren't married to her. My oldest is 10 now, and on his 5th pediatrician. Three of those changes were because we moved, but the others were because we discovered after some time that we just weren't a good fit (or that one of the doctors on staff was a total quack but that's a long story for another time ). Now we have a wonderful pediatrician who listens to our questions and works with us, is terrific with the kids, and refers us when necessary. If this one works for you, great, and if not there are plenty of others out there.
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