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Birth Center/ Midwife costs vs. hospital birth?

I'm a little unsure of where to post this question...but I'll start here.
My husband just changed jobs and they only offer major medical insurance, no maternity, :/

We have never had this problem before (we have had three children born in a hospital with 80% fees covered through insurance).
Now we are hoping to have another baby in the near future but don't know how we would pay for these costs in full, out of pocket.

We are looking into using a midwife and/or birthing center. I have heard the costs can be much less doing this (plus I've always liked the idea of using a birth center rather than a hospital).

Has anyone else used a birthing center? If so, how much were your total costs (if you don't mind me asking)?

I guess I should note that our nearest birthing center is 45 minutes away, while our hospital is 3 blocks away. I guess that is one of the main reasons we have used the hospital thus far.

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