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I certainly can emphasize with the nervous men but it really isn't fair to subject yourself to all the treatments and such without testing him. In our case my dh is primarily contributing to our primary infertility and although I don't blame him, I'm glad to know what we're facing and not just upping the dose every month that doesn't work. It really is one of the easiest tests that can be done once you get passed the humiliation factor, plus when it's good news I think it ups their ego. Just my two cents.

Jess, I hope you get some answers to your lack of cycles. That is a scary thought that a lack of cycle increases your chance for cancer. Mi hope they can straighten everything out. That diape is sooooo cute! I love Winnie the pooh (well Eyore is my favorite).

Ohhh robin, getting engaged is so much fun! I loved being engaged! To me if felt like it validated my relationship (but then again we dated for 4+ years before getting engaged so maybe I needed validation) and kept me full of anticipation - for our wedding and future together!

Afm, I am 5dpo. I had an us today and it turns out that my right ovary is bigger today than it was with the three follicles in it (not a good thing). They expect it to go down in time meanwhile I will be bloated and have to double up on my fluids so I don't get dehydrated. So I guess that means I will have to stay in and problem here because it's HOT!

Hope you all had a good fourth of July and are enjoying summer!
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