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Re: August 2011 mamas - July chat

So, I keep the June thread bookmarked on my phone and I looked at it yesterday and I thought wow no one has been on in a few days. Just dawned on me that it is now July! I guess I am in total denial that our babies will be one next month.

Crystal, sorry to hear about your dog. We have a shih-tzu as well...they are super sweet dogs. Hope he heals quickly.

We had a pretty quiet 4th. Hung out with some neighbors in the cul-de-sac...did a few sparklers. It rained for a while, so it was short. Totally fine with me...not that big into fireworks anyway. I didn't feel like dragging all 4 kids downtown..I worry about things happening at night.

Britt, you have the cutest their outfits!

It's super hot here, as always. I guess I'm just used to it. We could not live without air conditioning. I'm just glad not to be pregnant this summer...I was miserable by this point last year.

Af far as first birthday presents go, we already got Brynn her big present...a swingset with slide and climbing wall. I know she's too little for it now, but she loves swinging in the baby swing. The one I wanted was on sale at TRU, so we went ahead and got it. She is obsessed with her big sister's Pillow Pet, so we are getting her her own, and a toddler sized blanket for her bed that matched her lovey. Here it soft!

Anyway, here is a pic from yesterday.

And here is a picture of all the girls feet...I know weird, but I love baby toes! This was the first time we painted Brynn's toes and she loves them.

ETA: As far as shoes go Brynn usually is barefoot. If we go somewhere she has to walk I slip her Robeez on. Her feet aren't quite ready for the next size Pedipeds which stinks because I bought a sandal style for this summer.
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