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Re: Wool Issues?????? Getting frustrated......

Originally Posted by MamaJo
You just ordered from me? My store is closed Just for a coupe more days though.

But yeah, clothes getting damp because the wool isn't working shouldn't happen. Well, sometimes it happens when babies sit for a long time like at night or in the carseat...its called compression leaks. I think its a bigger problem with some babies than others, we don't have an issue with it. I think washing with a good wool wash and lanolizing after will be really good I can't remember the last time I lanolized our day wool - I think I've washed them each 2-3 times without lanolizing and they work great
Yeah, I ordered the bar and balm of lavender mint?? Tried to go throught the store a few weeks ago but it wouldnt pull my PP.....just sent you payment
You know now that you mention it I do notice it mostly after she has been in her car seat for a long time..........she loves her car seat and she does spend a lot of time in it maybe thats the problem. Because I am definatly letting it soak and following all the "guidelines" of wool!
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