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Re: Anyone else getting rude comments?

Originally Posted by newmommy13 View Post

Sorry you are all getting nasty comments! Really, everyone has something to say whether you look big or small, people apparently get that everyone is different. Period. So as long as you indeed are pregnant dont take it to heart. Im sure its worse being told you must be carrying twins if you arent even pg!

I was asked how far along I was and if I was preggo with twins when I wasn't even pregnant, trying to get pregnant, and just had a loss. How's that for a few shots int he gut?

I think you look great! I am pretty big and haven't gained much weight like many here. I haven't gotten too many comments really but I'm a weird one that enjoys looking pregnant. I'm also very short with a short torso so baby doesn't have much room to go except out.

Try to remember they're not saying that YOU are huge, just thatbaby is. Not that it's much better but don't think they're saying you're fat In a few months when baby is here you'll forget all about it. Until then do a google search for witty comebacks, I read a blog post with 10 awesome ones once, I wish I saved it!

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