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Re: Gestational Diabetes

Originally Posted by PurpleDaffodil View Post
My doc said that they are diagnosing a lot more women with this because the requirements are a lot stricter than they used to be
I totally believe this. 1 midwive wanted me to take the 3 hour even though I passed the 1 hour simply because my amniotic fluid was "high normal" and the 1 hour was on the higher end of normal too. I refused (said I'd monitor my diet regardless) and the other midwife said there was no reason to test me to begin with. I think they either need to do away with the ranges and test case by case or change how they test. I'm sorry, how is downing that much sugar in so little time healthy? Either have mom eat REAL food or monitor for a day or two. ugh this really bothers me and diabetes hits close to home- my aunt has a pump and her twin died in her late 20s/early 30's from it.

Originally Posted by howmanykids View Post
getting tested tomorrow! no probs with the first 3, but this one is measuring in the 90th % for weight, so kind of worried about it.
Good luck! Don't stress about the ultrasound guesstimates. They can be off by 2lbs either way which can make that 90%tile much lower.

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