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I disappoint my 2.5 year old quite often with reality. I can't lie if it were to save my life. I just tell the truth.

No, you may not have that now.
No, we don't eat candy before dinner.
Can you wait 'x' minutes?
I'm sorry, not right now.

I usually ask her if she wants to talk about it. She sits next to me and I try to explain it.

Diffusers after explaining why she is disappointed:
Can you help me ____ ?
Can I give you a hug/hold your hand?
Do you want to (insert something that will keep their attention)?

She doesn't yet grasp minutes, but does grasp later, tomorrow or another day.

Today, she whined over ice cream and began crying saying, "I'm not berry happy right now!" (whine, whine, whinge) I kneel down, and say, "I'm sorry you're upset. I know it's difficult to understand, and it makes you sad. Can I give you a hug? We can have ice cream after dinner. How about we _______ ?"
Her level of understanding is amazing! Now, it's "oh, Mom!!!". (That's fun to hear, lol.). But that's much better to me than her crying over everything.

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