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Re: Would it make a difference to you? (picking a pediatrician)

Originally Posted by leadmare View Post
To me, bedside manner matters. And as this poster said, regardless of your opinion on vaccination, I want my ped to trust me as a parent, and to respect my choices. I want there to be back-and-forth, not a person who thinks it is their job to tell me how to raise my children.
I don't think a pediatrician's place is to tell you how to raise your children. Those are parenting decisions, not medical decisions.

I absolutely want a doctor who is an expert in pediatrics. I don't care how they feel about cloth diapers or co-sleeping, etc. I do expect a pediatrician to listen to me when I tell them my experience about my children's medical condition. But, after they hear my description of the signs and symptoms, etc., then I expect a physician who is capable of providing the best possible medical advice. If they are unable to resolve the issue, then I want someone who has the connections to get us the referral and in for a quick appointment with a specialist.

I think that for a lot of people there is blurring between what is medical and what is parenting.
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