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Originally Posted by pcjs

This. If you plan to vac. then I would take that off the measure, but this is very important. We started on a regular schedule and we got fevers and cranky that were enough to say, hey, lets slow this down and can we come monthly. Our peds were wonderful and had no issue and just said to come the normal every three months. It was no big deal and together we decided which ones we'd get each visit. I never imagined it would be an issue but if your child has a reaction, which most do, splitting them up, is a good idea.

I don't think anyone can answer this for you. Personality is a big deal to me and if she is that busy will she take the time to answer all those new mom questions or will she be so rushed as she is "so busy" that you aren't getting the help/advice you need.

We didn't interview peds/ We fell into our first ped. and she was a resident and was wonderful. Because she was a resident, we always got 2-3 opinions and always got a head ped. if there was an issue (and there were). She was amazing and took a lot of time to explain everything, answer questions and do a great job. She then recommended our next ped, and one of them was the working with us on shot issue as well as other issues, and its been a non-issue. The new one is really easy to talk to, very comfortable to deal with and never has an issue if I just waste a visit being that worrier mom. She's fine with our choices and will "educate" us but never pushes. She even worked with us before we got on her panel and never cared. Don't underestimate personality/good fit.
I interview 3 doc before choosing our doc. He and his stuffs r all very caring. He once sat in the room to answer our silly questions for 45 minutes(we r first time parents), he is up to date with what's out there in the pediatric world. We have nursing line to call after hours and on weekends. They will page doc(2 doc join office) and one of them will call u right back. The office will call us first thing Next morning to follow up . We r bless to find our doc and his stuffs. We have lactation consultants at hospital for free and I click with one of them....visit her a few times at the beginning and revisit her at 6 months so she can c what a good breast feed chubby baby we have thanks to her. One of the doc I interview was very busy, u r in and out of office in 5 minutes, plus the wait time(I went to my friends kids appointments), my friend love the fast appointment but I love the detail appointments with my doc.
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