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Re: Anyone else getting rude comments?

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This is my apparently HUGE belly that everyone thinks must be harboring twins. Is it really that big? I'll be 31 weeks on Friday for-crying-out-loud!

I'm also testing to see how to upload pics from phone.
You look great!!! You are so slim and are "all baby" as they say. I don't think you look big at all!! I get those comments too. No joke, at least 80% of the time I tell people I'm due in September, their eyes bulge out and they say something like "Wow! You have a while to go then..." or "Oh.. I thought you were due sooner." Tell me, has any woman in history ever wanted to be told she looks big? I think not. It's rude and I'm shocked at how often it's women who say it. For the record, I'm measuring exactly on and I've gained 13lbs. People are weird. That's all I can take away from this. My friend's mom bought me a shirt that reads "You're fat, I'm just pregnant". I've never worn it in public because I truly wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings but I wish I had it for those people who do comment!
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