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Re: lying to your kids....

Do we LIE to our kids? No.

Do we sometimes have creative truths? Yes.

An example: We will swing by the exotic pet store in the mall on occasion. My son (3.5) always wants to take home one of the 300lb giant turtles or a 50lb snake. Instead of explaining to him that 1) Mommy doesn't do reptiles, and 2) We don't have the space, and 3) Those things are freaking expensive, and 4) Mommy really doesn't do reptiles, I just tell him that Mr. Turtle and Mr. Snake live here, at the store. He thinks they can't leave because they would miss their family and friends. Do the reptiles currently live at the store, yes. Would they miss their family and friends, maybe. Is it the complete truth, no. Do I consider it lying, not at all.
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