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Re: Would you tell your neighbour if their child was using racial slurs?

is the boy saying the N word also black? I ask b/c my dd's dad is black, and he will say to his other black friends "hey, nigga" or what not. But, if a white person were to be like "hey nigga" he'd FLIP OUT. I asked him about it once, and he said something about it being okay between 2 black people, but never a white and black person. I found that crazy, and do not allow the use of the N word, ever. Obviously, since her dad is black, my dd is half black (I'm white as can be lol), and she doesn't like the word. She's had people say it to her (other kids, not meaning to be offensive sort of way) and she's told them "that is not an appropriate way to talk to me. I do not like that word" <--isn't she great? hehe. Anyway, if it is not bothering the other kid (but how do you REALLY know, unless you've asked him, and even then he may not tell you), then I wouldn't worry about it. IDK I'd probably give a lecture to them all about the word, and how it can be offensive to many people. BTW my dh's ex-gf/baby mama calls my daughter the N word, in a completely, purposeful offensive way and it is no way ok. Luckily, she'd never said it to my dd's face, just to me.
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