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Re: MFW or HOD?

I was asking myself and everybody I could that same question for over a year! Last year I ended up sticking with MFW (we've done K, 1st, & Adv) and we did ECC. It was meant for my 8 (now 9) and 7 year-old daughters but it was a bust. I was so excited to combine them and to do the missions study, but MFW just quit working for us. I just couldn't make it work no matter what we tried. There was very little we loved about that year. I found that combining isn't always better. It might have worked a little better if I was able to focus on just the older child with it, but in the process, my 7 year-old was lost. She can't sit and listen like her older sister.

Another problem we found at this time trying to combine the older two, was that my 5 year-old daughter then was having trouble finding something to do - alone.

We switched over to HOD a few months ago and may never look back! We love it.

I am using Little Hearts for my 5 (will be 6 in Oct) year-old, Beyond for my 7 (will be 8 in Nov) year -old, and Bigger for my 9 year-old.

I love it. My oldest can do some work independently and next year even more, so it isn't really that bad using several guides. I love the one-on-one time. I love their daily grid guide. I love the huge focus on character, Bible, time with the Lord, etc. Just seems to be easier for me to use and easier for the children to follow and learn. My girls all love to read and this is a great program for that! They LOVE the book choices and so do I! That was something that I always had a hard time with MFW about. Especially as I looked ahead, it seemed so many book choices might not have been right for us.

Keep praying! God will lead you.
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