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Re: lying to your kids....

[QUOTE=TwinMommaplus2;15357586][QUOTE=jen_batten;15351367] I don't lie to my kids.

I know a few people said this, so this wasnt to single you out Jenn, but I do not think this is true in the slightest for anyone with children. The truth being bent could be seen as "lying", misreprenting (knowingly) could mean "lying"
I dunno, I just found myself rolling my eyes at this post.
Originally Posted by kferg View Post
I tell my nephew that maybe means maybe yes or maybe no so I do t feel like a maybe is a lie. If the weather had cooled down you might have changed your mind so it actually was a maybe.
I can't stand the "we never lie to our kids crowd". We lie all the time when kids come home with crappy are or ugly jewelry we don't tell them it's ugly. We say it's beautiful and thank them. Plus sometimes the lies let kids be kids for just a little longer so I don't see the harm. I mean I believed in all kinds of stuff when I was a kid and it didn't damage me. Santa, tooth fairy, mo steers in the vents to keep kids from playing with them... It's all good with me. The only lies I don't tell are things like I'm going to take them somewhere or do something when I know I'm not. Those kind of lies damage a kid more then believing in Santa ever will.

Of course this is all just my opinion. lol
Really? I never realized there would be flack over not lying. I really, really do make every effort to never lie to my kids. When kids make you jewelry on Mother's day, you could say "Wow! You must have worked really hard on this!" Not lying, not hurting the kids feelings either. Or "thanks so much for making this for me--it's really special!" It is special, your kid made it, and you're not lying. Of course there has been times when I've said on X day, we're going to do this (swimming, or visiting, or whatever). And then someone has been sick, or it's been raining, or whatever and we can't go. So I say, okay, well sorry, we can't do this today because such-and-such is sick, or we can't swim when it's lightening or whatever. I guess maybe that could be taken as lying since I said we were going to do something and didn't, but I don't see it that way. And I do realize that not everyone agrees with my take on lying to kids (or to people in general), and that I can't speak for everyone, but as for me and my house we make every effort to never lie to the kids whether it is a big one or a tiny one. I don't want to be lied to, why would I want to do it to them?
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