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Re: lying to your kids....

[QUOTE=TwinMommaplus2;15357586][QUOTE=jen_batten;15351367] I don't lie to my kids.

I know a few people said this, so this wasnt to single you out Jenn, but I do not think this is true in the slightest for anyone with children. The truth being bent could be seen as "lying", misreprenting (knowingly) could mean "lying"
I dunno, I just found myself rolling my eyes at this post.
Well... I said I don't intend to lie to them...(leaving room for my own imperfections and that I might do so unintentionally.) But I do try very hard not to lie to them because I do not think lying is right even if it seems like it would just be easier to lie to avoid other issues like whining and begging (which, IMO, need to be dealt with.) I guess I'm not really sure what you mean by bending the truth and if something is really lying, I would like to avoid it.
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