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Re: tummy sleeping

Originally Posted by twinmomstl View Post
This post is giving me anxiety! I guess back to sleep has been drilled into me. I would not put my baby to sleep that way until he or she could roll over. I know sids doesn't happen to everyone but it is a big risk and one I personally wouldn't feel comfortable with. I would not be able to sleep bring worried about that. Plus I couldn't live with myself if something happened. Ultimately it is up to you as parent though.
Anxiety is why the OP posted. It's drilled into all new parents by every newborn care class, and every pediatrician, that babies should sleep on their backs. Each Halo sleep sack is embroidered with "Back is Best". That label haunted me everytime I put DD down to sleep on her tummy. I doubt that any of these moms who posted let their babies nonchalantly sleep on their tummies without a bit of anxiety at first. However, if your child does nothing but cry when put down on his back, the options are 1) no sleep or 2) turn baby over on his tummy and sleep.

DD's back sleeping was so fitful, she really never got any rest. Finally after days of resistent back sleeping, she put up a fight and cried for 20 minutes until she spat up. I caved after that.
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Labels? I don't use labels. I can't even get my label maker to work.

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