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*reduced prices* BG 4.0's, Rumparooz OS, Oh Katy's, Kawaii

* Make me an offer* I have a bunch of pockets that I am needing to get rid of. All pockets are in great shape with great aplix/snaps and elastics. None of them have any stains on them. They all come from a smoke free, pet friendly home (2 dogs). I do have inserts for some of these. If you would like the insert please let me know. All inserts are microfiber.

The image uploader is not working for me so I have uploaded the pictures to photobucket.

First are the BG 4.0's:
2 Clementine Aplix (1 sold)
2 Ribbit Aplix (1 sold)
1 Twilight Aplix (sold)
1 Butternut Aplix (sold)
1 Mirror Snaps (sold)

All are in great condition. The twilight has some pulling on the loop part of the velcro, but it does not effect function or reliability of diaper. My camera couldn't pick it up on the picture. Each of these are 12ppd (was 14) except the twilight I will take 11 (was 13 ppd) because of spot on velcro.

Next I have a FB size Small in a light yellow color. I'm not sure which version this is. It has great aplix and elastic. I will take 10 ppd.

BG Artist Series
2 Eiffel Tower
1 Retail Therapy sold

These have great aplix and elastic. I would like 12ppd (was 14 ppd) for each of these.

Oh Katy's
2 Orange

These are the older style. Snaps and great elastic. I would like 10 ppd (was 12ppd) for each.

6 Rumparooz ALL SOLD
1 Brown (rootbeer) Snaps
1 Yellow Snaps
1 Dark Blue Snaps
1 Light Blue Velcro
1 Light Blue Snaps
1 Ladder Snaps

These are all great diapers. Great snaps/aplix and elastics. Most of these have never been worn or only worn a few times. I would like 17 ppd (19ppd) for each diaper.

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