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Derek James, my stubborn boy's birth

I see lots of you doing birth stories and wanted to share mine even though it was going on almost a month ago now! However, I remember it very clearly and always will.

I have had lots of BH since about 22 weeks that got progressively stronger and more noticeable. When I went in at 37 weeks my doctor checked me and said I was 50% effaced and very soft, which was great. When I went in the next week he said I was a little more effaced and 1cm dilated and if I wanted to be induced he would be fine with it and it was better to schedule and cancel then change my mind later and try and schedule it last minute. So, having an obsession with numbers, tried to schedule 6-6-12, which would be 4 days before my edd of on the 10th. I chickened out, though, at my next appointment I canceled it and rescheduled for the 13th at my doctor's suggestion. He won't let his patients go into their 41st week for whatever reason. I was fine with it I was DONE being pregnant and was so sure Derek would come on his own early. Everyone told me he would, even more ob.

However, I went in on 6-11-12 to be checked to make sure I didn't need to be brought in the night before my induction as I wasn't progressing on my own like he would like. I was so relieved when he said I should be fine and dh and I packed everything up and got to L&D at 7:15am on the 13th. They didn't check me when I got there and hooked me up to everything and started pitocin (which I was scared to get but trusted my ob everything would be fine). My mom showed up at 10am and I started feeling more and more contractions as they continued to up my pitocin throughout the morning to get me to 2-3 minutes between contractions. I thought 'this is easy!' as none of them stopped my breath or ability to talk.

At 1pm my ob checked me and said there was no progress and I actually wasn't as thinned as he thought as my cervix had folded over or something like that. My heart was racing and I was nearly in tears. My biggest fear was a c-section. He broke my water and then had to rush off to do an emergency c-section on the woman in the room next to me that had been there all night. I did start crying then as my contractions REALLY started to hurt. I have never felt so much pain in my life and lasted 45 minutes before getting an epi. I'm so happy I did I couldn't deal with all my emotions and then the pain and my fears. After I got the epidural I calmed down some and even took a nap. When I got checked again I was finally progressing! I was so happy and relieved I was 3cm finally! DH and my parents then went out for dinner (about 5pm) and over the next hour and a half I jumped up to 8cm and my ob said I should be pushing in the next 30 minutes or so. I called my parents so my mom could get back in time. At 7:15 I started feeling a lot of pressure and started pushing at 7:30. At 8pm my ob stopped me as his head started crowning.

"Stop pushing!" He said and I was so confused. Lol! You are supposed to push, right?! Well, apparently not me... My baby was a lot larger than they thought and to keep me from tearing horribly I was told to stop. "I know you want to push and during your next contraction I want you to do NOTHING." He told me, so I did just that even though it started to hurt. He basically worked Derek's head out with his hands. Then I could push. Derek's hands were up and that with his big shoulders had him slightly stuck and it took two pushes to get him free and out of me.

I started crying as soon as I heard him and then saw him. I couldn't believe he was finally here. I just remembering hearing 'woah, what a big boy!' They only let me hold him for a few seconds before taking him away. He'd inhaled/swallowed a lot of fluid and they suctioned out as much as they could. He screamed and screamed, which everyone said was good but I just wanted my baby back!

They put him on the scale and I looked eagerly as it read 9lb. I just sort of blinked, vaguely feeling my doctor stitching me up. I had NOT just had a 9lb baby! I'm a little girl! There is no way a baby that big had come out of me!

Well, apparently he had. All 9lb and 20 inches of him. They tried to put him in nb diapers and they wouldn't fit! A nurse had to run and get a size 1 to put him in. I asked my doctor what my damage was below and he said it really wasn't that bad and I'd been lucky to only get 2nd degree tears.

I could have cared less once they handed me Derek. I was crying and started talking to him and he quickly stopped crying and looked right at me, totally still, which only made me cry more. He knew me! I've never been happier in my life as I stared at my chunky monkey staring back at me. I no longer cared my deliver was basically the complete opposite of what I'd wanted to start with.

Okay, Derek is waking up so I need to go feed him. Thanks for reading! Sorry it is so long!
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