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Re: Whats in your diaper bag?

hm.. my DD is 21 months.

My diaper bag has 4-5 diapers, wipes, sippy, fruit cup, squeezy fruit, cheerios (or other carb snack), tylenol, brush, extra hair clips, fingernail clippers and all the things that come with that, teething tablets, an extra change of clothes (I am very lenient about letting her get messy - puddles, etc), burp rags, 2 books, a sun hat, some extra straws which are not an issue since she can drink from an open cup now... 2 wetbags, a few disposable diaper trash bags because I own them - have been handy for other people, sunscreen, a changing pad that I never use..... I'm sure there's more. I had extra socks, but lent them out and didn't put them back in after I washed them the other day.

When I am carrying the minimum amount, I carry my purse.. it has 1 diaper, wipes, teething tablets, a wetbag, a toy truck, a book.. and then my stuff. I usually leave the bigger diaper bag in the car and just take that one. Restaurants and such.

Her church diaper bag has 3 diapers, a wetbag, a burp rag, snacks, bib, wipes.

ETA: cause I was reminded by others' posts... hand sanitizer, tide pen, a spoon.
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