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Re: DD really wants to know her father

I think you should bring it up and not wait for her to ask. that way you can make sure to be uninterrupted and in a quiet space to talk to her. My mom was honest to me from a young age about who my biological father was. It wasnt the funnest thing to learn....that he fathered a half dozen kids and then mom moved away and he never cared to contact or send any money ever....but it was better for me to see that my mom's words and what I saw happening matched. What she told me was very little but it was still the facts. I did not idealize this person nor was I under any wishful thinking that he would be back for me some day. I am 30 and he still has never reached out to me. He knows exactly where I am and is in contact with some other extended family. My mom was not the greatest mom but she was always honest about who he was and who he wasnt and that did provide something to me and allowed me to move on, not keep waiting for something that wasnt going to happen. I think you are vastly minimizing what your daughter is capable of understanding.
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