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Re: Anyone else leave their childbearing up to God?

Originally Posted by Kindermama View Post
I'm so grateful for this thread and all of your Godly advice. I've had several days to contemplate what I've learned here and I've come to realize that God has definitely given me my son, as high needs as his needs are, for a VERY good reason and at just the right time in my life! Prior to his conception, I was on a New Age/"progressive" Christianity/"anything goes" kind of path and for some reason, I found Christ through my son. First, it was the grief from the miscarriage I had the cycle before we conceived him! Throughout the pregnancy, I was in a very contemplative place in my life. I was scared to become a mother again after not having a baby in the house for 3-4 years. I was scared about the state of my marriage and wondering if we would survive another baby. In my anxiety, I started to pull away from the New Age classes and friends whom I had that in common with. I was also so sick with the worst MS in my life that I didn't do much of anything during his pregnancy! Then, here comes my son who has forced me to be STILL. Literally still for hours every day while I nurse him through his naps and nights. Depression set in. I took to liking my IPAD in those quiet moments and from there, I began researching New Age, occultism, Satan (I never believed in satan/demons until recently). I also began reading the Bible online as well as the history of ancient cultures and how they blend in with the Bible. That's how I came to Christ. Everything started to line up and make sense, logically! It all makes sense now! God knows I needed my son to do all this because I never would have been still long enough to hear him. I was always so busy and so social and constantly on the go! Thank you guys for encouraging me to trust God in this process!
That's awesome!
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