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Re: how soon after a c-section can you start to exercise?

Originally Posted by Lovinmama3 View Post
I joined the gym after my 6wk pp appt. with my obgyn and started working out lightly. (after my 2nd c-section in less than 2 years) By 8wks pp I upped my workout without any issues. When I was 4 months pp I was down 25lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight. BUT, then I found out I was pregnant again with this LO. I would wait until after you have been seen by your doctor to do anything but walking (so 6-8wks typically) and then just listen to your body.
Me too. I only had one c-section, but I started walking about two weeks out. Seriously, I think the first time I went it was a block, and I was spent, so just take it slow and listen to your body. I wouldn't do more than walking until after the check up either.
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