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Re: We can't find her lovey and I am devestated

My daughter got kinda attached to a rather large stuffed animal when she was about 18 months old. I then got her a Binkibear to hold her pacifier as we were talking about weaning. She adored that bear which made pacifier weaning that much easier (and I love how it's a small toy) and we bought a second one which we switch out so that they look similarly worn. If it were me, I'd order one off ebay and really look everywhere for the original. Check under car seats, at your relative's houses, under couch cushions, lost and found at stores you frequent, etc. Then, I'd introduce the new one and say, "we'll continue to look for it, but this one looks like the original's sibling and has agreed to stand in until the original is found, and then you'll have 2!" Deal with the idea of never finding the original on another day. Good luck! I know how much it hurts to see your kid sad, but take solace in the fact that you're trying hard to find it which is more than some people would do.
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