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Re: Whats in your diaper bag?

Interesting to see the differences.

DS is 9 months on Monday. I have a couple diaper bags but haven't found the love for them. Instead I carry either a huge pink leather bag that I have had for years or a huge polka dot bag that hangs really well on the stroller. Neither have any pockets, so I organize by sorting things into pouches or makeup bags or whatever I had laying around.

One pouch with babylegs, socks, longsleeved jammies, a shortsleeved romper, and a sweater. Sunhat and warm thin cashmere hat.

Pouch with baby spoon, bib, organic veggie pouch, organic fruit pouch, Baby Mum-Mums.

Pouch with a few Haba toys because they are light, a teether, and a plush rattle.

Pouch with paci sanitizer wipes, hand-sanitizer, Babyganics wipes, tylenol, benedryl, my epi-pen, a handkerchief, sunscreen, lip balm, and some sposie tissues.

Teeny little pouch for Soothies.
Larger pouch for Wubbanub.

We have a thinsulate cooler for when we take bottles.

MFD wetbag with a couple diaper, wipes, CJ's, and fleece liners. I use a brown GMD prefold for my changing pad.

I like putting things into the pouches because they can pack really tight and small that way. I can also tell my husband where things are because "It's in the yellow bag" is easy for him

I just throw my wallet and keys in the large part and my cell phone goes into the one lone teeny pocket in each bag.
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