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Originally Posted by kateroc
Both of my boys have been tummy sleepers. With DS1 we tried to get him to sleep on his back for 3 months or so before we gave in and with DS2, I think we gave in around 3 weeks. I don't say that I did it without hesitation or without any reservations... I know it's not as safe as back sleeping. But, they just wouldn't sleep any other way. With DS2, we did get an Angel Care monitor to ease my mind a little.

And yes, as Shimpie mentioned, tummy sleeping is great for babies' gross motor development. Not to say that outweighs the risks, but if you are "stuck" with a tummy sleeper, that is a bonus
This is us. DD only slept on her tummy in pnp next to me, I quit worrying when she could turn her head. DS is 2 months and been sleepin on his tummy since about 1 week old, he could turn his bead from day 1 but I got an Angel Care monitor in anticipation of another tummy sleeper.

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