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Re: A day's worth of diapers in pictures. *PICTURES ADDED*

Originally Posted by GrantsMommmy View Post
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Don't know if I'll be able to remember my phone for every diaper change today but I thought I'd share a fun pic of a typical diaper change for us these days lol

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Here's what he ended up in. Alva 4.0. We just received this in the mail yesterday from a trade. We love it! I just ordered three more I have all alvas in my stash.

I also wanted to ask you mommies - how many times do you change your baby in a typical day? I change orob 15x per day. Am I crazy? He wets often and I like to change every time he wets ( we had lots of diaper rash with sposies so I'm used to changing often - no rash in cloth so far yay).
He's so cute and wiggly!
I don't change 15x a day, maybe I did when my baby was younger, but he's 13 months today and I'd say we change about 8x/day. He sleeps 12 hours at night and naps for about 4 hours a day though (his opinion has drastically changed on sleeping since his first birthday). And Yay! for no rash in cloth. We had to use sposies for a few weeks around Christmas holidays and he got the first diaper rash of his life... I was so happy to get him back in cloth.
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