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My youngest dd is 9 now & started with panic attacks about 2 weeks after she broke both bones in her lower arm & they were exposed 2 years ago. It was the worst thing I've seen. We had to call 911 & she needed surgery. She had always been anxious but the accident blew it out of the water.

When she began with panic attacks, I made a pedi appointment right away. They recommended therapy & we started right away. We found a sand play therapist & it was perfect since the kids use toys in the sand to explain or display how they are feeling & it's very helpful for anxious children who may be too nervous to talk with a stranger at first.

We also saw a child psychologist for a psychological evaluation. This was a big help since it gave us a formal diagnosis for generalized anxiety disorder & PTSD (from the accident) that I took to her school to give her accommodations there. Things like taking tests untimed or being allowed to go to the nurse at any time with out asking so if she feels anxious at school, they can help her, too.

Good luck!

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