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Re: We can't find her lovey and I am devestated

Thanks!! That is a great story! I've been praying. We do have a lead on it. On Wed, my parents picked my older kids up and took them home then on to a July 4th party. My husband was working. So, we met them there a couple hours after the party started. I had no clue that she may have brought Doggy with her, but my step-dad is certain she did. I didn't see it and didn't know to look for it before we left. The party was an 1.5hr drive from us and at his brother's house, who we hardly know. It isn't like I can just pop over there and look for it. Plus, their house is very messy (even with people coming it was very messy). I'm thinking it may not be found even if it is there. I'm willing to drive though and if I get confirmation from more than one person that she definitely had it, I'll drive there myself and look for it at their house if they will let me.

However, I did order her a new one from Ebay. Luckily, it's a Ty and there are tons of those online. I found it NWT for $3.95 with free shipping. I'm totally baffled by how they can make money and a bit skeptical, but it is only $4, so worth the risk. There were plenty of others if this one doesn't work out. All afternoon before I had even ordered it, she kept asking me to check the mail to see if her new Doggy was there. I showed her a map of where it is coming from and told her it would take several days (on the opposite coast). Then, she just kept asking me to bring up the photo of it on ebay so she could look at it. It makes me so sad we lost hers. If we don't find it, I'm buying a second one as a back up for the replacement.

I'm actually already pretty strict about her bringing it out of the house. I let her bring it in the car, but I don't let her take it in. However, I have 5 little kids and sometimes it slips by me. I had no idea she even had it with her on Wed and I'm still not convinced. (Neither is she. She is 4.5. So, usually she remembers. You never know though.) She did tell me that if she finds Doggy or gets a new one, she will only keep it in her bed so it doesn't get lost.

I'm thinking of getting my toddler twins some Ty animals just in case I can coax them into choosing these as loveys if they want one. That way they are easy to replace. LOL!!!

ETA - I just read my husband your story too and he thought it was great also! Thanks for sharing it with us.
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