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Re: A day's worth of diapers in pictures. *PICTURES ADDED*

This was fun! Sorry for the bad pics. My son moves constantly so it was tough to get good shots.

My son is almost 16 months, about 22 lbs. Tall and fairly slender.

First up. Rainshine Designs AIO Size L. I just got this off the FSOT. The bum looks a little weird, I just think I didn't have it on him perfect.

He quickly had his morning poo, so I changed him into another diaper I recently got off the FSOT, a Cloth Canoe, size L AIO. Very well made and it fits him nice.

A couple hours later we had to run off and do some errands, so put him in a Peachy Green AI2 with a hemp booster. I couldn't find the actual photo, so this is an old one in the same diaper. It fits him much better now.

We got back from running errands, had some lunch and changed him into a Ragababe AIO size Medium. Unfortunately it didn't hold his pee and leaked pretty bad, but afterall, it was an almost 4 hour nap! I guess I can't be too upset. The diaper fits perfectly.

After nap, he had a bath and then got changed into a Grovia OS AIO. I love this print.
Great fit on my son, but I doubt it will last until PLing. Super trim!

We went over to a friends house and forgot a swim diaper, so he wore his Grovia in the pool. After pool time, we changed into a Fuzzy Noodle Tester (she's on Etsy and is trying a new patern). Love the print on this one too.

He jumps back in the pools and gets the FN tester all wet, so I change him into another FN tester.

And no picture of the final diaper, a Luv's sposie with a disposable Flip insert (you read that right... I'm not kidding.. it works and we have a bunch of Flip hybrids leftover from a recent trip that I don't plan on using again, so why not).

Maybe I'll do this again tomorrow! So fun.
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