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Re: A day's worth of diapers in pictures. *PICTURES ADDED*

What a fun thread and it made me aware of how many changes we do! My guy's 33 lbs, 2.5 years old.

First diaper of the day- Tots Bots bamboo

Next chage- softbums

That lasted all of 5 minutes until he decided to do a tiny poop. We then changed him into a freetime.

Next into a ones&twos. Getting tired but refusing to nap.
Early afternoon his favorite diaper of all time, his owl swaddlebees simplex was dry from line drying, so he got to put it on.
Lasted a few minutes, as he decided to save his poop for this special dipe. DH was not happy and didn't feel like putting ds on a couch or carpet even. ouch But he got changed into a new tots bots
Later in the afternoon kiddos played in sprinklers so he put on his bummis swim dipe
After a bath, he got changed into his Rumparooz night diaper
but it was a rough night and he pooped again after he had been in bed about an hour. Now he's in his double stuffed Fuzzibunz and not happy when the pic was taken because he was tired and had pain pooping but as I type, he's passed out on the couch and feeling much better(:

So I've always been a snap/aplix person with no real preference, but taking pics made me realize that we have more aplix than snap dipes!
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