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Re: Hand, Foot and Mouth?

DS had it a couple weeks ago after being in daycare for 3 days. (I'd been on maternity leave). Our dr said it was contagious when they have a fever and if any of the sores are oozy. Luckily our DS sores didn't break open, they just looked like welts adn then they slowly went away. Daycare needed a note from us saying that he was no longer contagious (although he still had some sore they were not broken open).

I would continue to take our kids to daycare though even knowing someone had this. Chances of getting it aren't guaranteed and your child was likely exposed to it before the notification went up anyway and it is too late. This is what happened to us. Took DS on M, W, F. Note was up the following T that we took him. The next WEd he broke out. So before we were notified he had already been exposed and incubated so to speak. Luckily it wasn't a terrible case, it was horrible but it was too late to keep him out of daycare.
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