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Originally Posted by pottermomma
I know it isn't recommended but my 3w baby seems to only want to sleep on his tummy. We have him in a rock n play at night but whenever i try and sleep him in his pack n play or on the couch he cries unless he is on his side or tummy (and even his side is hit or miss)

How did you deal with this or anyone have suggestions? We are going to have to move him out of the rock n play eventually and I am a ftm that us terrified of sids.
My 3mo DS3 sleeps in a RNP at night as well. As a newborn, he only slept on his belly while laying on my chest. He comes to work with me and recently he's napped a few times on his belly on a play mat. He's right there in my office so I'm constantly monitoring him. Until he can roll himself onto his belly though, I'm not going to let him sleep at night that way. He STTN (for now) for a good 8 hours in his RNP so there's no need for me to change anything.

If your DS sleeps fine at night in the RNP but prefers his belly for supervised naps, it sounds fine. I just wouldn't rush him out of the RNP since it seems he doesn't like laying flat on his back. Wait until he he can roll himself over if you can.
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