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Re: Help! dd sobs when she sees grandparents

I didn't read all the responses but I think it is just a phase. My daughter didn't like her own dad or her own sister! She clung to me and my stepson but didn't want anything do to with the other two when she was about that age.

My DSD was in tears over it and it took me a long time to convince her that it was just silly baby behavior. My husband took it in stride but it did hurt him a little too. She saw her siblings equally every weekend and saw my husband daily.

Now, at nearly 3 years old, she gravitates to those two more.

I cannot see how smells played a part as my husband and DSS don't wear any perfumed stuff - my husband cannot stand strong smells - and they both don't smoke or come from smokey environments.

However... when I was pregnant I could not stand the smell of my husband and my DSS. It was akward! Maybe there is some underlying smell thing after all.... mmmm....
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