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Re: Would it make a difference to you? (picking a pediatrician)

We took the girls to a pedi and her bedside manner was horrible. Didn't smile, made the girls uncomfortable with her lack of communication and friendliness (which is huge, DD1 hates people and sobs during every appt, even with our nice pedi in ohio). She told us to completely vax DD2 or she'd die and was completely rude about it. This was after I told her she couldn't look at DD1s girly parts. As we were leaving DH said I needed to find a new pedi (we moved and were looking for one).

So when DS was born I met the on call pedi and I loved her the second she walked into our room. She was smiling and laughing. We talked for awhile like she wasn't rushed, at the appts with the kids she takes her time, she made DD1 laugh, smike and talk and this was the first time DD1 had not cried at an appt. She answered all of dhs questions about vax'ing, she's very honest but not in a mean or condescending way, she didn't ask or even look at the girls girly bits, didn't open up DS's diaper to have a peek.

Having a pedi that we can trust, not feel judged, and have us stand behind whatever we decide as a family to do is very important. We don't want our kids to grow up hating drs because they had a crappy pedi.
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