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Re: Sterile water injections

Originally Posted by melyndie View Post
From what I read, a majority (so says the research but not the personal testimony I have heard so far) of women are glad they got them because it helped relieve their back labor and helped them deliver naturally and stay home or at the birth center.
My midwife (who has been a mw for 19 years) was actually shocked by how much pain it caused me. I think it probably helps a lot more people than it hurts. I do have to say I was doing fine in labor when she suggested the injection, no where near a breaking point. She was hoping the injection would move the contractions to the front and bring the baby down a little faster. With back labor and a sunny-side up delivery it was very slow going. Before the injection she had already turned the baby twice who refused to stay correctly positioned so I think it was a last ditch effort to get her to move. She did not move and the injection did not work. The positive side of the injection hurting so bad was that contraction pain and delivery did not hurt half as much as that injection did and pain is all relative.
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