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Move to Sold/Traded/Gone, please

Free Shipping within the US on any order over $30 (at currently listed prices)

Fine Print Stuff
Prices are listed WITHOUT SHIPPING. Unless otherwise noted Feel free to make reasonable offers.

Please Note: Payment will be due within 12 hours of requesting my PP addy or I move on to the next mama unless arrangements are made.

Shipping to Canada: I only ship priority to Canada. FRE ($13.78), MFRB ($33.26), LFRB ($41.86) I will not ship first class to Canada. No exceptions. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this causes, but I cannot afford to ship without a DC #.

Trades: I am open to trades, however, I would need the buyer to at least pay for shipping of whatever I am sending. Funds are tight here, and I cannot pay out of pocket. I do trade generously if you have something I am IDSO. You can check out my ISO/IHA HERE

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me.

Veggie Knit 60"x4y6" $7/yd or $27 for the piece

Chick & Eggs Jersey Knit 60"x 3 1/3yds $5/yd or $15 for the piece

Red Poly Spandex Blend 33"x60" $1

Grey Poly Spandex Blend 58"x23" $1

Whale & Crab 42"x2yds $7 for the piece

Maroon Flannel 52"x33" $3

Monkey Soccer Flannel 42"x13" $2

Teddy Football Flannel 40"x44" $5

Sports Thermal 60"x3.66yds $10 for the piece

Sea Turtle 44"x20" $3

Alphabet Woven 42"x42"+ $5

Lunch Woven 40"x34" $5 and 40"x44" $6 or $10 for both

Debbie Mumm Math Woven 40"x72" $10

Pretzel Woven 40"x58"+ $7

Blue Flower Woven 42"x40" $5

Brown Woven 44"x100" $9

Butter and Nude PUL

Butter Pieces
12x11 ($0.50)
18x19 + 27x9 ($1.50)
17x13 ($0.50)

Nude Piece
13x39 + 28x17 ($1.50)

Bias Tape and Seam Binding $2 for all
17 Partial Cards of various colors and sizes of bias tape and seam binding

Bias Maxi Piping 1/2" 2.5yds $0.50 each
(2) - White
(1) - Black

****************** SOLD BELOW THIS LINE ******************

SOLD Elastic $0.50 each
(1) - 1/4" White x 9yds
(1) - 1/2" White x 1.5yds
(2) - 3/4" White x 1yd
(2) - 1/2" White x 1yd
(3) - 3/8" Black x2yds
(3) - 1/4" White x 3yds

SOLD Black Swimsuit Material 59"x49" w/ seam down the middle $1

Close up of seam going down the middle

SOLD Butterfly Sweat Pants material with fleece lining 60"x70" $8 for the piece

SOLD White super soft fleece 26"x49.5" $2

SOLD Extra Plush Fleece (White) 23"x25" and 25"x24" $1 each

SOLD Extra Plush Fleece (Yellow) 60"x10" $2

SOLD Extra Plush Fleece (Green) 64"x20"$4

SOLD White Fleece 22"x21" $1

SOLD Sage Fleece 60"x11" $1

SOLD Melon Fleece 54"x10" $1

SOLD Bug Woven 21"x24" $1

SOLD Pink ABC Flannel 40"x18" $2

SOLD Debbie Mumm Birds Woven 42"x34" $4

SOLD Spongebob 44"x22" $1

SOLD Jungle Babies Wovem 44"x34" $4

SOLD Blue Dog Woven 42"x30" $3

SOLD Animal Square Woven 42"x24" $3

SOLD Red Knit 23"x56" $1

SOLD White Flannel 42"x36" $3

SOLD Green Ducky Knit 52"x68" $4 for the piece

SOLD Poker Knit 38"x38" & 16"x22" $4 for both pieces

SOLD Green Bat 44"x11" $1

Kearson: Mama to DS (03/09). I leave feedback if it is left for me first, due to my issues with people doing it incorrectly. Can't stand those yellow notepad icons .

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