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Oh mama! I'm so sorry! My husband used to spend about half of every service in the nursery with ds from about 12 months-16 months. The nursery workers always tried to convince him he could leave but dh was under strict orders from me to never leave ds if he so much as made a sad face when dh got up to go. Well I got pregnant with dd when ds was 12 months so when we were still unable to leave him at 16 months I was getting worried. We decided to leave him. He cried when we went into the hallway. But then he stopped and we waited for about 5 minutes and then went to the service. They said they would page us if he started to cry. Well when we went to pick him up, the head lady was holding him and he was asleep! She said he was perfect. Then she handed him over and I saw there were tears on his face!!! We still don't know what happened... It seems that he cried himself to sleep but all the workers said he was so good. We were furious. Oh, and ds was super clingy for 2 weeks after. When he was 18 months, dh started going to the nursery with him again. At 19 months we left him at the nursery again, but this time no tears. Now at 20 months he's still going to the nursery and he waves bye to us and is sad to leave the workers when we go to pick him up... He always wants them to come home with us. I never thought he would make the transition on his own, but he did. Apparently he wasn't ready at 16 months... And leaving him was one of my biggest parenting failures. But at 19 months, he was just ready.
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