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Re: Your thoughts please..... and support

I would speak to the head of children's ministry. Her choice of interaction with your infant was not appropriate. Her job to is to protect and comfort infants so their parents can engage in church services not to discipline a baby for being upset.

I can see a nursery being reluctant to having a parent that is not serving in the space. I see the problem around that you are in a children's ministry area were IMO all volunteers in the space should be background checked. But that might not be the way this church operates. I see no issue with a parent in the nursery if they are an approved volunteer. Does this make sense.

Anyways our church has pagers. A child is never allowed to cry longer than 10 minutes and the child is always supported to help them calm and feel safe. All volunteers have to be background checked to be in the classrooms. I can stay in the room with the baby as long as i am background checked. If a child misbehaves in a way (hitting/biting destructive to supplies) a parent is paged to help handle the situation. Also we have a cry room and a nursing mothers room where i can still see the service and keep my kids with me if needed.
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