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Re: Your thoughts please..... and support

It sounds to me like they felt the need to "fix" your son even though he isn't in need of fixing. Busy bodies like that really bother me.

I would suggest what others have said. Talk with the SS/CC leader and find out if this is acceptable. In my church, we are not allowed to discipline in any way besides time-outs for children who attempt to or harm other children. They prefer we just get the parents and let them handle it.

Honestly though, I would say that if this type of parenting is prevalent in your church, I would find a new one. If there is a such a distinct difference in parenting strategies, you may find it hard to find someone in the church that thinks/does things like you. I would hate for you to be told constantly that you're damaging your baby, leading you to second guess yourself. That just isn't right mama.

Try not to be too hard on yourself. Don't beat yourself up because of what is already done. Learn from the experience and move on. (HUGS)
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