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Re: What age did you start . . .

My babies weren't breastfed (unfortunately)...and I was very much pressured into doing everything the mainstream way. With ds1, the ped said since he was so big..he'd need solids (babyfood) a lot earlier than we actually attempted baby food at about 2.5 mo - uhm, no! He definitely liked it..but very much lacked the skills. He was so little (in age)! Looking back, I can see the err in my ways - except it's what the ped suggested...i didn't know (stupid me!) that i had options...anyway...we started at 4mo and he was big hog and ate heartily. It seemed like it took us a long time to graduate to table food because it took him forever to get teeth and he was NOT good at gumming the food to mash it up...he choked a lot

Ds2 was going good with baby food around 5mo...he got sick and long story - baby food pretty much dropped off the planet. We worked baby food back in about 6 weeks later, but he was absolutely not interested. Now, at 8 months...he would much rather have something he could feed himself...or table food..than baby food. He gums food really well and can eat table food (within reason of course) pretty well. He's a slow teether too (at least, according to my ped)..and he's only got the 2 teeth on bottom.
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