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Re: Your thoughts please..... and support

Originally Posted by GreenHome Sewing View Post
I probably would have done the same things Mama.

I would speak to someone about this woman's behavior, honestly, because she may be doing things to other children that would be upsetting to them and their parents as well.
Then, I would find a new church.
Absolutely this! 13 month old babies do not play with other babies. They may sit and play with toys near other children, but generally children do not start playing with other kids around their age until they are 2-1/2 to 3 years old.

Appropriate response for a caregiver who is dealing with an upset infant/toddler is to comfort the child, then attempt to distract the child. To ignore and punish a child for being frightened and upset is, in my opinion, abusive.

If I were you, and wished to continue attending this church, I would go back to the old routine of staying with the baby. If you are pressured to leave him, I would refuse, and ask why they seemed so determined to separate me from my child. If they continued, or if you observe this type of abusive behavior toward other children, I would speak to the church leadership. If this is the prevalent attitude, I would, as others have mentioned, search for another congregation.
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