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Re: Your thoughts please..... and support

Originally Posted by GreenHome Sewing View Post
I probably would have done the same things Mama.

I would speak to someone about this woman's behavior, honestly, because she may be doing things to other children that would be upsetting to them and their parents as well.
Then, I would find a new church.

I am so sorry that someone could treat your child, or any child (really a baby) like that. How could anyone just put their hand up in his face and walk away when he just needed to be held and reassured that you would be back?
Some people think that babies are not real humans. I don't feel it is ok to train animals like that either
I would talk to anyone you have to, but I don't think I would leave the church quite yet. See how the people in charge react to you and your complaint first. This woman needs to be stopped! If they don't do anything about her then I would find a new church, or if you feel too upset about the whole thing and don't feel comfortable there anymore then I would leave.
Maybe you should take over the nursery? Show them how AP takes in to consideration the baby/child's needs and feelings. I am so sorry this happened. Don't feel bad, you trusted someone and gave it a try. You caught this person and now they are outed for what they really are
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