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Who's been following the Baby's Only arsenic stuff?

LO is going to be here in 11ish weeks. I BF DS until he was 13 months and I intend on doing the same this time. I did need to start supplementing at 6 months though. We used Baby's Only exclusively. I felt very good about it. My plan was always to use it again if and when it becomes necessary. I want to have some on hand from day 1, just in case. All this arsenic business has me nervous though. I'm a fan of Nature's One on Facebook and I know they have come out with a goal of reducing their formula arsenic levels to zero. Where are they in this process though? If I order their formula today, am I going to get cans with arsenic in them or not? Am I better off to look for another organic formula or is anything with brown rice syrup in it going to have arsenic in it? Is it time to consider non-organic formulas?
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