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Re: A day's worth of diapers in pictures. *PICTURES ADDED*

This was fun!

I changed him out of his overnight disposable into a fastened prefold and Moonbeam Flip

Yellow Alva pocket stuffed with a Thirsties hemp prefold

My drying rack broke

Napping in a Blueberry pocket stuffed with a Thirsties prefold and hemp insert

He woke up, and I put my new favorite diaper combination on him- padfolded receiving blanket inside of a Flip

Coverless fitted. I need to find someone to add rise and waist snaps to this diaper because the Boingos don't grip it very well

Coverless prefold with Thirsties hemp insert

Did it again. Kinda saggy in the butt :P

Another Flip+receiving blanket. He tried taking it off or something and pulled the front flap out.

Fastened prefold with flip cover. He sat in powder yesterday and the cover is still kind of white.

And now he's sleeping in a disposable and fleece soaker
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