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Re: Your thoughts please..... and support

I would find a new church but make sure you do what you can to protect the kids are being left with her.

Originally Posted by Green Decals View Post
I agree with the previous responses, and will add this... I hate to say it, but, her pressuring you into leaving him and the idea that parents don't usually stay with their kids in that nursery (which is completely opposite of every church nursery experience I have ever had) makes me seriously question what, exactly, is going on in there that she doesn't want parents to see. A 13-month-old does NOT need to be "disciplined" or "taught a lesson" by a complete stranger, EVER, but most especially in the midst of his first experience without mom or dad. What the heck does she do to the kids who have been there a while?!?!?!
My thoughts exactly! Scary!

Originally Posted by L J View Post
I am so sorry that you and your son has to go through this today.

Reading what this woman put your baby through (because he is still very much a BABY) makes me feel the urge to throw up.

I admire you for not punching her. I probably would have.

Everyone else gave great and adult advice. Me? Honestly? I hate confrontation. I would write a very detailed letter to whoever might care and never go back to that church. And maybe egg her house.
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